4 Point Compass: Summer 2018

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  • HR360 – As we receive more and more Human Resources and Compliance related questions from our clients, we wanted to remind you of a free service that Stumm Insurance purchases on your behalf.  All of our clients have access to HR360, a website which provides a large library of HR resources providing guidance on issues such as compliance, benchmarking, legal questions, and many other areas (see flyer attached).  These are all accessible with a “search engine” function – think of it as a “google for HR”.  If you have not used this before, or do not still have your log-in information, please contact your Stumm rep to obtain a username and password.
  • Do you have a Medical Leave Policy?  Many of our clients have a documented Vacation policy, and usually a Short Term Disability policy as well.  But employers should be aware those alone do not suffice as documentation for a Sick/Leave policy. Groups with 50+ employees generally need to follow FMLA, but all employers should have a documented Sick/Leave policy.  Many small employers make it easy and simply document that they follow FMLA.  Regardless of your company’s size, you should have a documented policy – and this is one of the many features you can use in HR360 (see above). 
  • Affordability Testing Percentage Change for 2019 – The IRS recently announced an increase to the Affordability Calculation percentage used to calculate the affordability of employer coverage for Applicable Large Employers (ALE’s).  The percentage for 2018 is 9.56%, but it will increase to 9.86% for 2019.  Interestingly, this is the highest it has been since the ACA passed, which can be viewed as positive for employers.  As a general rule of thumb, large employers will pass affordability testing using the Federal Poverty Level safe harbor definition if they offer a Medical plan option that costs less than $100 per month.   
  • BCBSIL Identity Theft Protection – BCBSIL members and their dependents are eligible for “Family Secure”, a free credit monitoring service for your entire family through Experian.  This service searches for important activity associated with you and your family including credit inquiries, public records, delinquencies, new accounts, and negative information and offers email/mobile text alerts.  If activity is detected, Fraud Resolutions expertise is also included in this service to help you and your family repair your identity (see attached for full details).