Insurance Tradition for Generations

Our work in the insurance industry began over 100 years ago with our great-grandfather, Bernie, then grandfather Bob, followed by our father Dave Sr. The fourth generation was compelled to keep the tradition alive and purchased our father’s small business in 2007 to rest as the cornerstone on what is known today as Stumm Insurance.

Fourth Gen Making Plans for Next Gen

Stumm insurance today has over 50 employees in 2 locations.  Our dynamic team approach affords us the ability to provide proficient customer service, and act as a true partner to our clients.

Meet the Team

Improving Our Clients’ Businesses

For most employers, benefits have become a top expense and talent acquisition a key challenge. Stumm Insurance takes responsibility over controlling benefits costs in an environment where employees find value in their employer’s program.

“One of the reasons that we chose Stumm Insurance during our search for a new service provider was the approach they took to the renewal in terms of innovative solutions to attempt to keep costs increases to a minimum and insure our employees are being provided the best coverage for them and their families. I have never been disappointed in that process in terms of providing alternative solutions and providing explanation/education of the ramifications of any changes to the benefit package both to the company and employees.”

Paul Dachota, JB Industries

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“…thank you for taking the time to put together this comprehensive spreadsheet and analysis – it was extremely helpful in optimizing this process for me, the company, and everyone else involved. All told, I’ll probably spend about 1/4th the time on this that I did last year, and time = money.”

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“Stumm Insurance has always been an advocate for our company and our employees. They function much more as trusted advisors than insurance agents, which brings peace of mind to our management team and employee base. They have our backs in everything from policy renewal negotiations to problem solving on claims.”

John Berg, Bornquist

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